Liberty Pest Control is a fully licensed and insured local pest management firm.  We are certified by the State of Michigan and insured to perform termite inspections.

Our guarantee is the best in the business.  Once you call to schedule your “termite inspection” we assume the responsibility for all Active Wood Destroying Insects on or in the home. We only require this appointment be ordered prior to any additional home inspections, although the inspections can happen concurrently.  During our inspection we will investigate the home’s structure to determine, (1) if there are any signs of previous or current wood destroying insect infestation (2) if the home has been previously treated for infestations and (3) if the home requires a treatment to eliminate current activity. At the conclusion of our inspection we will issue an inspection report on the FHA/VA approved Form NPMA-33. Keep in mind, our guarantee will include any future inspections, consultations and or treatments to identify and eliminate Termite, Carpenter Ant, Carpenter Bee, or Powder Post Beetle activity on or within the structure for one year from your closing date.

This is a win/win for you and your client.  You get the peace of mind the home is covered against insect surprises during the inspection process and the homeowner has the peace of mind they are covered should future infestations occur during the next 12 months

A good wood boring insect inspector is trained to locate even very subtle indications of termite infestation -- slight undulations and tiny holes in wall board, for example, which may indicate infestation in the paper layer of common gypsum board. Termite activity is almost always latent and it often takes a special skill set to identify termite problems before they become structurally severe.

Inspecting for wood boring insects, and particularly for termites, is simply good sense.  We believe for an investment of $110.00, a prospective buyer can greatly reduce the potential for damage not apparent to them, their appraiser or even their home inspector in most instances.


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